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Keep Progressing

Kaizen is a Japanese term for continuous improvement.

In the business world, the philosophy of Kaizen is to continually improve the quality of a product along with many other aspects involved in production.

The reason? To give out better products with less waste of energy, resource etc.

Although Kaizen was practised and spread worldwide after World War II, Paul mentioned a similar concept while writing a letter to the Philippians in A.D. 61 (read Philippians 3:12).

He stressed about a process of continuous spiritual improvement, even to the point of humbly remarking that he hadn’t got it all together yet.

The goal here was to know God and to obey God.

The reason? To become an effective Christian.

Read Philippians 3:12-21

Small steps are still progress.

🤔 Is something keeping you from progressing?

There is a key element Paul mentions in verse 14. Hope you can find it?

Reply in the comment what your find.

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