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Talent - You’ve got ‘em

Talent or skill refers to all of the various gifts God has given us for our use and also to serve others. It includes natural, spiritual and material blessings. Everyone has it.

A young girl recently told me that one of her talents was to entertain her kid brother. That caught my attention since she was able to see something beyond what I would have.

She'll surely be the best babysitter + a loving sister that her little brother could ever have.

Quite often, the world glorifies glamorous talents like singing, dancing, musical & athletic ability.

However, nobel expressions that make our personality are also talents that add meaning to life. E.g. expressing kindness, being trustworthy, showing up on time, being reliable, showing gratitude, praying for others, having a positive attitude, serving etc.

The world may look at these as a sign of weakness and make them sound less desirable.

But imagine just for a moment, a world devoid of kindness or gratitude or faithfulness. How does this affect you?

The truth is this would make the world a dark place to live.

I hope you see how even having sensitive expressions like kindness or encouragement add life into a love-deprived world and in a time like now.

Every one of us is talented, and if you realize it or not, we have many talents.

Unfortunately, many of us grow up without really using or knowing the talents we have.

Have you recognized yours?

If you need help to identify your talents, begin by asking these questions.

  1. What interests you? What do you find very easy to do? Maybe listening (listening to people talk or music), tidying up, playing musical instruments, sports, leading, being generous, babysitting, helping, speaking, studying, praying etc. Making a list will help here.

  2. What do people appreciate about you? Add it to your list. Friends or someone close you trust can share traits about you that could surprise you.

  3. If you've made a list by now, ask yourself - "Which of these do I enjoy doing?" Working on your interests or talents should be an enjoyable process. Not a stressful one.

  4. Most likely, you've made a long list of talents while answering the above questions. This is because we all have more than one talent. However, to stay focused and not be scattered all over the place, it's key to identify your top 2 or 3 and grow more in them. This does not mean that the other identified talents go to waste. On the contrary, you will develop and focus on them too, but with time.

Give yourself a chance to try things you like or things that come your way before you shelf them away.

Today, can you name few people who put their talent to good use?

Here is a list I made, and if you can spot more, add them to my list by posting in the comments.

  1. Eric Liddell (Scottish athlete, Olympic legend)

  2. King David (skilled warrior)

  3. Pandita Ramabai (women's rights & education activist)

  4. Nick Vujicic (Australian evangelist born without arms or legs who has become a world-renowned speaker)

  5. Sir Issac Newton (influential scientist)

  6. Dallas Jenkins (American film and television director)

  7. Benny Prasad (gospel musician and instrumental guitarist from India)

I hope this article helped you find your niche or at least think about it. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Here’s an additional resource you could use to assess ways God has gifted you.

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