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Coffee in hand and To-Do list in mind. Here’s an exciting news just for you.

Hey y’all!

I trust you are doing well and staying safe.

This year you have witnessed launch of various planners by (that’s me!)

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Your feedback was gold. I am grateful you shared it with me.

If you are person with coffee in hand and to-do list in mind, still thinking about using a planner, I have some exciting news for you.

I have introduced a six month planner to help lift the heavy weight of planning from you.

This 6 month planner comes in two flavours and the purpose is to get you started with a habit of writing down your intentions.

The planner is comprehensive yet minimalistic. It will surely help you stay on course to achieve your intentions and goals.

Please read through to make a suitable purchase.

Handy Amazon links are placed right at the end of this post.

6 month planner from 2MileToolkit

Get It done - A 6 month planner from 2MileToolkit
Make It Happen: Your Jumpstart Planner - A 6 month planner in color.

Place your order here:

Make It Happen: Your Jumpstart Planner

Amazon (international market):

Get it Done (dated July 2021 to Dec 2021)

Amazon (international market):

Do you still have questions that sound like this:

  • Is the ‘planner’ investment worth it?

  • I am new at ‘planning’ or new at using a planner. How & Where do I start?

In my next posts, I will take you through few of the ‘planner’ / planning techniques.

Till then, keep reading and stay safe.

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