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Make It Happen

"Planning is what rhythm is to music.

It's a powerful medium to set your intentions into motion and make it happen." ~ ©Tabitha Reji

This specially designed six month 'jumpstart' planner is your first step into planning your day right.

Discover inside:

  • Undated planning pages, with focus on monthly and weekly planning. 

  • Planning pages for six months, each month includes five-week planning sheets. It will let you organize all your appointments and events.

  • Monthly planning pages have space for monthly goals, dates to remember and checkboxes for essential notes. 

  • Weekly planning pages help you log daily activities, track habits, list goals for the week and mark important dates. 

  • This planner also includes eight colouring pages with encouraging reflections and additional sheets for capturing notes.

  • The planner has vibrant colourful pages.

Jumpstart into the world of planning



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Book Format



979-8702622200, 9781638320722