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Stay Sublime and Win the day

Have you ever missed a deadline! Overlooked a critical to-do! Or remained clueless on your next steps!

I know I have.

We often desire to have a fulfilled day and get things done. Get all the boxes checked, raring to go. Ready to even take on the next day.

It's a fair desire. But why is it so hard for us to get there?

A big part of the answer points to planning.

You may have your checklists and things-to-do living somewhere or everywhere.

It could be on a scribble pad, a post-it on the refrigerator, a scrap of paper, a reminder or a list on our phone, a wall calendar, a desk calendar or just a mental note.

No matter the places or modes we choose, we often miss that important must-dos even after setting up these tracking mechanisms.

A to-do list that is scattered or living everywhere is a sure way of getting in trouble. Here's why.

  1. A scattered to-do list reduces single-view and visibility on priority. Without a single consolidated view of your week or month, there is no way to know what's upcoming, critical or unimportant. You run a risk of missing something important.

  2. A scattered view/thought is as good as finding a needle in a haystack. If you are fortunate, you may. But the time invested in bringing together to-dos or even trying to remember what needs attention is enormous.

  3. If you have a digital way of keeping track of items, it's helpful. But you may agree that phone reminders could get annoying at times. It could pop up at the wrong time - in between client presentations, while you are cooking, putting your baby to sleep etc. What do you do when that happens? More often, we click on 'Remind me later' and continue with what we were doing. After a few 'remind-me-later,' it's forgotten forever.

Planning isn't something just for the city council. It's essential for everyone, no matter what you do - whether you are a stay-at-home parent, guardian, professional or student.

Planning is a conscious way of organizing your to-do or what-not-to-do and tether it with a 'when to do it'.

It's truly worth it to have just one place for all your to-dos and deadlines.

So, choosing a tool for your planner is critical. And nothing can replace a paper and pen connection.

Get an upfront investment in a planner that will give you a single-view and let you scribble in something extra.

I recommend a paper-based planner (another way to get off-screen).

Now for the surprise!

This International Women's day, 2Mile Toolkit gives an introductory 40% discount on 'Stay Sublime' planner.

Use this coupon code WOW4U at to claim discount on your purchase.

The above link will directly take you to the book.

The 12-month planner is comprehensive yet minimalistic. It will surely get you started and help you stay on course to achieve your intentions and goals. Since it's 'undated', you have the freedom to start any day.

Who can use this:

It's for everyone who wants to set a routine and stay in control of what the day brings.

Every student, parent and professional can use this simple planner for planning their personal and work-related intentions (and even dreams!).

This planner is a genuine friend for a person who likes to prepare in advance and stay confident.

Inside the planner, you discover:

  • Undated planning pages, with a focus on monthly and weekly planning.

  • 12-monthly planning pages with 5 weekly pages for each month to let you organize all your appointments and events.

  • Monthly planning pages with large boxes to capture your intentions.

  • Weekly planning pages to log daily activities, track habits and goals for the week.

  • Inspirational quotes from men and women of faith.

  • 3 pro planning tips

Additional pages to capture:

  • Investment.

  • Important dates to watch out for (e.g., tracking subscriptions, passport renewals etc.).

  • Books to read.

  • Learning goals.

  • Timetable. - to track course/ school schedules

  • Assessment Schedules.

  • Notes.

Quit worrying about missing any item now!

Stay sublime. Have an incredible planning workout this Women's Day!

For placing an order: Use this coupon code WOW4U at to claim discount on your purchase. The above link will directly take you to the book.

I'll be back with more planning strategies.

Checkout more of my books and other info at BookShelf

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