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There's a writer in everyone

Write to make a difference and bring in a good change
Write to make a difference and bring in a good change

Life is not boring. It has these incredible everyday moments. Don't miss those. Those are like the jigsaw puzzles, each piece unique, yet important. They shape us and help us grow. 

When you join these pieces, you get to see the amazing picture that is been brought to completion by the Author of Life.

Each piece of our lives tells a story. A story of struggle, pain, joy or relief. It could be plain funny or silly too. These are moments if shared, could either put a smile on someone's face, encourage someone or assure them that they are not alone. 

We all have a story to tell. If recorded, they can be passed on to generations. Imagine the impact! 

Don't wait till you perfect the language. You don't have to be a sesquipedalian. (I had to look that up ... LOL). It's someone who uses big words. 

Be simple in your writing. Write from your heart and use your head. Don't write to impress. You can't impress everyone. 

Write to make a difference. 

Write to bring in a change.

However, it's God who can take your words and make personal customization for that reader's need.

God is still writing your story. Don't wait till the end to get started.  Start now. There is a writer in everyone.

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