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Need for good judgment and knowledge

Teach me good judgment and knowledge. (Psalm 119:66)

I personally desire it in my life. Why?

Because this is the plumbline for a righteous life. I will be careful never to make a wrong/sinful decision in my life.

What happens ‘when sin is out of my life’?  

The answer is – I will enjoy a closer relationship with God and have a more fulfilled, meaningful and purposeful life. Psalmist David knew what he was asking for when he sang this Psalms to God.

 A few months back, Reji (my husband) pointed out to me ‘long/funky earrings should not be worn to the office’. My immediate defence was ‘It’s ok to wear this, besides everyone wears these things nowadays and most important it goes with my outfit’. Reji was right in many ways, because the way I dress, the way I accessorize should not be a distraction at work.

But was I ready to learn at that time? Definitely not!

 Many of us forget God’s law conveniently and then give excuses to cover up our sin. I did the same.

 There is always a voice in our lives – the voice of correction, the voice of direction etc. Very often the Holy Spirit will use a human vessel to teach His people.

When we hear this voice, deep down we know that what this person is saying is right, even though we may not like it. Most times the voice of correction and exhortation may not be according to what we feel and what our senses like. Thus, we simply reject it.

This voice in your life could be that of your husband, wife, mentor or teacher etc. Always remember that God will be limited in your life if you are not willing to learn.

Let’s all pray today –

Father, we pray that every area of our life is exposed in front of you – right from the way we dress, to the way we talk and live. And teach us and correct us at all times. Give us a teachable spirit. In the mighty name of Jesus, we ask this prayer, Amen!

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