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My YLTC experience

I have been struggling with YLTC in the initial months plainly because I was not used to studying and sitting still for a very long time. Plus, my day job never ends in the day and time is a rare commodity.

We (Me & Reji) had learned from our past experiences that busyness could affect our marriage.

I do not desire my life to be 100% busy. God constantly asked me to pray for his peace. But I did not know why and how that peace will work.

Gradually, I realized that His peace is definitely not like the one that the world gives.

His peace comes only if I am teachable and obedient to God.

The book Shepherd’s Staff says that one must just completely believe in the word of God and there is no other way.

These past months have helped me explore & read the Bible in a new way. The template for the biblical reports helped me research books in greater depth. The sessions laid a good foundation although I felt some could have been for a longer duration / conducted slightly differently.

It has enabled my bible reading & prayer time more disciplined and effective.

Being in a group called for other challenges too. I was a bit aggressive earlier, but I realized everyone has their own velocity and I am not perfect either J. The younger ones had more patience than me. I can learn a few things from them.

I love geography and travelling and had a blast learning about the places the apostles travelled and lived, the culture they followed. I may not have read the backgrounds had it not been made mandatory.

I made good friends, not sure if they consider it 'ditto'. HAHAHA!

The retreat was an experience I had been waiting for. It was Tough yet Fun!

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