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Crazy things parents do

Three crazy things we as parents do

1. The need to 'make' perfect kids

When we as parents are not perfect, how can we have a perfect offspring?

The expectation is too unreal.

Every child is unique. The way they perceive things, their thoughts and dreams are different.

We've had failures in our life. Our children will have their share too.

There will be disappointments and uncertain days.

2. That kid v/s Your kid

The game of comparison begins right from the time the child is conceived.

A lady once asked me, what time I sensed Renae's first kicks in the womb.

I could not remember clearly but mentioned it was around the second trimester. To which zap came the reply 'I experienced mine during the first'.

OK, Good for you girl!

3. Engage our kids in absolutely every activity class that exists on planet Earth

The need to keep our child highly aware and be 10 steps ahead of the world has certainly made us invest in zillion activity classes.

Do our kids enjoy it? Stop and ask.

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