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2Miles - Teens Planner

Stewardship Teens Planner is a 200-page monochrome planner designed to help teens grow in the Lord.

Features of the planner:

- Friendly and intuitive layouts for beginners.

- Size 6 x 9 inches

- 200 monochrome pages (100 pages printed double-sided)

- With 12 months of daily planning pages, you can start any time of the year. No wasted space!

- 12-month calendar overview pages

- 60 weekly planner pages to list your daily tasks, weekly goals, and habit trackers. Each week presents a certain stewardship topic and expects your teen to answer some questions that help them get thinking.

- Interesting resources that help you progress in your Christian faith.

- Bookmark 

- Attractive sticker sheets

Not your regular-looking planner.

The planner combines regular everyday planning and learning the art of stewardship.

Each month, your teen will learn how to be good stewards of the items listed below, recognize that everything we have comes from God, and use it in a way that honors God. Every week has a short devotional that will need your child to think about the topic, take an action, or answer a question.

Your teen will learn to be better stewards of

  • Creation

  • Education

  • Home

  • Money

  • Time

  • People

  • Body

  • Mind

  • Spirit

  • Word

  • Worship

  • Talent

There's something more for you:

The Teens Planner has a guide page that links to tutorials (articles and videos) on how to use the planner effectively. These resources are filled with tips and strategies to maximize your time, set achievable goals, prioritize and organize your day, grow in the Lord, and more.



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