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Kids Speak

Have you wondered what it is for the little people in our lives to live through this pandemic?

As a caregiver, you would have been apprehensive of what's going on in their head? 

When a sudden pandemic expected us to change our lifestyle overnight and required us to give up on things that we cherished and mostly took for granted, what would it be like for our children?

The year 2020 has been harsh on our kids. However, kids wear those unique looking glasses that often leave us grownups to desire and be child-like. We have a lot to learn from them as we partner daily in building them up.

Thirteen children from 11 countries came ahead to share a short account of what they felt about this pandemic, along with a surprisingly hopeful message for all of us. 

Read more in this book about their life with restrictions and a candid way of looking at things.

This book is for anyone who loves to read. 


Children's Book

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Book Format

Paperback, Kindle Format


ebook: B08P5NXVL2, 9781638500698,978-93-5426-601-0

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