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I Can & I Will (b&w)

If you are looking for a planner that can inspire and motivate a child, then this specially designed 12-month 'kids' planner is for you. 

Turn each page into an art with this color-in planner.

You will also find fun ways to track daily habits and goals.

It is a great gift for your child. Use it daily and frequently. It will help set a routine and equip them to make progress.

Who can use this: It's for every parent/student who wants to set a routine for their child and help them stay motivated to progress. It's for every child to learn to be independent and desire to excel. It's a great tool to assist children with special needs.

Discover Inside:

  • Undated 12 Month, 60 Week daily planning pages

  • You can start any time of the year. It will let you organize all schedules and events.

  • Specially designed space to capture goals and track habits impressively.

  • This planner also includes plenty of coloring pages with encouraging reflections.

  • 1 Bookmark

  • 2 fun sticker pages

There are many more pages to capture and record key items in your child's academic year.

Additional information:

The kids planner is available on Amazon and via WhatsApp purchase. 

From Amazon, you will receive a paperback version of the book. 

If purchased through WhatsApp interface, you will receive the coil bound version, 1 book mark and 2 sticker pages included inside the planner. Shipping is additional via WhatsApp.



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Book Format

Coil bound


9798707824593, 9781638324386,978-93-5445-708-1

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