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The day I remember, I accepted Christ

My mother always shared incidents from her life where God protected/blessed her. This led me to believe that there is a God.

When I was in my second standard, I had an accident while playing in the house. I fell on the floor and hit my chin so hard that the jaw got locked. I could not move my jaw.

I had a tough time to eat, drink or speak. The doctor just gave some antibiotics. But it pained all throughout the week and my parents were not sure what to do.

The pain was bad, but I continued going to school. The main highlight of the week was that the teacher made me the monitor of my class since I was very quiet.

The coming Sunday, I did not want to go to church. I told my mom to pray for me instead and she said she has been. After my parents left for church, I remember asking God to heal my jaw.

My jaw was back in its place before my parents returned back. That day I tasted and saw what God did for me. I even remember telling my mom that Jesus did it. I had placed my faith in Jesus that day.

Picture abhi baki hain! but I will stop here

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