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5 ways to restrict and monitor screen time

A friend of mine recently posted a question on our WhatsApp group.

Is there a way to avoid clicking on any other mobile application or opening up another browser without parental consent?

His child would watch YouTube videos during virtual school sessions. So he was looking for a method to stop his child from doing so.

It was a desperate plea. And if you are a parent or teacher, you know where that comes from.

During a virtual classroom session, there is no way to ensure that the student or our child is an active participant.

Our children are exposed to the internet all the more now and screen time is 100%.

There’s little you can do about it.

Assignments, Exams, Readings, Study materials/resources, Classroom sessions and Class notes are online. The digital way gives an overabundant spread of apps and freedom on the internet - charming children to feast more on what it has to offer.

As parents, we understand that this could turn dangerous if left unsupervised.

Thankfully, there is more than one way to handle this situation using technology.

And my friend was open to any suggestions offered. A few of my techie friends suggested modes they tried out with their kids.

Feel free to try them with your kids or students.

Suggestion 1:

Create a separate Microsoft Windows profile that will have restrictions built for safe viewing.

Suggestion 2:

Create a google family link that has settings for YouTube and contents displayed.

Suggestion 3:

Use the Guided Access feature for iOS devices.

I use this and works perfectly well for me. It ensures that the child stays on the same app no matter what.

Suggestion 4:

Lo and behold ‘The Guided Access’ feature for Android devices.

It’s called ‘Pin the app.’

Further reading: Pin and Unpin apps

Suggestion 5:

Set screen time at an application level

Set a screen time for apps and devices

Further reading : For iOS device , For Android device

If you found any of this method useful, do leave a comment.

If you have a suggestion that isn't covered here, please mention it in the comment.

It would greatly benefit us as parents, caregivers and teachers. Community learning is very much needed at this time.

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