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Prayer - Why?

We have some experience around answered prayers. This definitely is proof that we can pray to God and ’ask for things’.

But is prayer more than just “asking” God for our needs?

Psalm 143:10

My parents cared for my needs and provided for things I needed or asked for. If they could provide for what I needed or requested, is there a real need for me to pray to God?

In this post, I am covering few reasons why we need to pray.

Prayer is not an attempt to get God to agree with you or provide for your selfish desires, but that it is both an affirmation of His sovereignty, righteousness, and majesty and an exercise to conform your desires and purposes to His will and Glory.

John F. MacArthur, Alone With God

Prayer helps build a relationship with God.

If you live in India, you know that our current Prime Minister is “Mr Narendra Modi”. But, do you think he would call you up every day and ask, “How are you, Sammy?

Well, of course, Not!

He won’t do that.

So even though you know about him, the Prime Minister of India does not know you. He does not have a close relationship with you that would stir in him a desire to call you up daily.

Similarly, it’s crucial to have a relationship with God and not just know about Him. Praying and spending time alone with God helps us truly seek and understand Him.

Psalm 143:10 shows the manner in which David prayed a God-centered prayer instead of being self-centered.

God likes to be involved in His Creation’s life.

Imagine you built a robot. You did all the jazzy programming and made it with love.

You are over the moon about it.

Every day you play with it, carefully dust it, oil any squeaky parts, tighten screws that have loosened. You are like two peas in a pod.

Sadly, one day, the robot decides to look beyond your love and care. It’s now eager to see what the outside world has to offer it. So without a word, it runs out of your house into the streets so fast that you can barely keep up.

You’ve lost your favourite creation forever now.

How does that make you feel?

Sad! Angry!

You long for the robot to come back to its senses. You know it can’t take care of itself. Out in the heat, dust and rains, it will rust, and with circuits destroyed, your wonderful creation will be a piece of junk.

You understand the potential danger your robot could face. You wanted to be involved in the robot’s life to provide and care for it. But you are unable to because it has rejected you.

The same God who made us longs to be involved in our lives. Although He knows what we are going through, He likes to listen to us - how our day is turning out, what our thoughts are, how we feel etc.

He wants to build a stronger friendship with us. It can happen if we spend time with Him in prayer.

You can be a blessing to others

When you spend time with our Abba Father in Heaven, He can turn you into a blessing for others. When you pray for others on behalf of them, God protects and provides for their needs. It’s called intercession prayer. (That’s a fancy word for praying for others on their behalf.)

Do you remember what happened when few friends got their paralysed friend to Jesus? (Read Matthew 9:1-8, it mentions an accurate account of Jesus healing the paralysed man). The faith of few friends healed the paralytic man. What a fantastic bunch of friends? I want friends like that. Won’t you?

God answers prayers.

Matthew 7:7-8 encourages us to Ask, Seek and Knock. God promises to answer.

I want to encourage you to talk to God daily.

Tell Him about your day.

He will reveal ways in which He worked in your day.

You will experience Him more closely.

He hears the cry of your heart.

Journal what God speaks to you.

Some so many people don’t know God and don’t even talk to God. Share in the comments about ways you can bridge the gap between them and God.

Why is prayer important?
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