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Is appreciating second nature to you?

Social platforms provide smart suggestive phrase or words to send out quick uplifting words.

But there's more to it in a genuine 'appreciation'.

Words like 'Thank You', Good Job', 'Great work', 'Nice', 'Super', 'Kudos' can often sound mindless.

I've been party to these, and it's brought me to a point where I dislike to type them standalone.

There's nothing wrong with these words. They are perfect the way they are.

But over employing them has killed the joy of receiving it.

Please give it a thought the next time there is a temptation to type it out.

Are you excited about what the other person said or did?

Or are you just playing it safe to ensure you are not the only one left out from uttering a right word?

Genuine appreciation seems like a lost art.

With scores of messages to reply, tons of work to complete and running low on time, we often don't pause to think before sending out an appreciation note.

Appreciation is letting people know they are valued, and their work makes a difference.

Also, people like to read a bit more than just 'Good Job!'

Things to remember while sending out an appreciation

  1. Don't rush and make it sound abrupt. If words don't come quickly, park the item for a later time. But don't forget about it.

  2. Point out critical items contributed by the person.

  3. Please keep it simple and be intentionally genuine.

  4. It's about them, so be generous with words. It doesn't cost a dime.

  5. Re-read before you hit 'Send'. Electronic messages can seem far from making a connection if you don't check the tone.

  6. It's more than just a tick in the box. We need to remember there is a person on the other side.

  7. Apart from their contribution, one thing I like is to include is - what I learned from them in the process. It's like a double treat for the recipient. An 'Appreciation Plus'. Also, a great confidence booster.

Most of us have appreciated peers or a subordinate. However, appreciation can be extended to our bosses too.

During my first job, I worked with a boss who had a great passion for Quality. He headed the

QC and Testing team for internal projects. He tirelessly worked to get output from his team. Though he knew that a person like me was still learning the ropes, he would project us under an impressive light in front of the management.

I never took a chance to appreciate him.

My defence - I always thought bosses don't need it. That's their job, and there will be someone else to appreciate them.

Also, partly I felt that a novice like me couldn't approach a big boss with a thumbs up.

Oh boy! I was so wrong.

Sometimes, (often,) the only thing standing between you and appreciating someone is your 'willingness'.

Over the years, I learned that everyone needs appreciation.

I had this humbling awakening when I started taking up leadership roles.

Appreciations are far scarce at that level.

It's not late, though. Bosses face a lot of stress and challenges.

If you haven't appreciated your boss yet, here's your day - today.

Your words can be their energizing cup of tea.

Worry weighs us down; a cheerful word picks us up. (Proverbs 12:25) MSG

If you don't have a recognition program at the workplace, start one!

Share the idea with your HR.

But what do you say if there is nothing good to say?

When Bambi (a Disney movie character) wobbled and had a difficult time standing & walking straight right after his birth, Thumper the little rabbit would be sarcastic with him.

A dose of 'dad-son' talk later in the day got Thumper to realize that 'If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.'


  • Appreciations are encouraging agents. (Paraphrasing 1 Thessalonians 5:11)

  • Make it a point to send out genuine appreciation.

  • Take time out to appreciate people. Don't shorten the list by including only your workplace. Look around - you have folks at home too.

  • Sep 21st is celebrated as World Gratitude Day. Get a headstart on expressing gratitude with these tips.

I would like to hear from you about how you look at 'appreciation'. We all are creative in our own ways and what you share can be great learning.

Bible verse included is from MSG version copyright statement

1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 Eugene H. Peterson by NavPress Publishing

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6 opmerkingen

Tabitha Reji
Tabitha Reji
16 sep. 2020

Thank you for the comments Amruta. You are right. Appreciation can do wonders to a person's confidence.


Tabitha Reji
Tabitha Reji
16 sep. 2020

Thank you for those comments Jwala.

You made an exciting mention of 'impressing boss' :) and it's tricky, right?

It's impossible to make everyone think and feel as deeply as you do.

As long as appreciation uses the right words and motives, things should be ok.

In the case of your friend, there could be a deep-seated reason.

It's great to read about the 'praise strategy' you are using at work. Thanks for sharing. It's beneficial.


Tabitha Reji
Tabitha Reji
16 sep. 2020

Thank for the comments Rupal.

You are right, appreciation should not be based on the size of work done. Sadly, and often size overshadows the importance and hard work.

I like the point you mentioned on 'appreciating our work at the end of the day'. We may not get all the items crossed out. But hey! Each day there is incremental progress. And we should feel good about that.


Onbekend lid
16 sep. 2020

Appreciating someone will motivate him/her for the better work next time. Even if he/she has given his/her best, he/she will try to exceed his/her best.

With appreciation, the person gets confidence.


Onbekend lid
16 sep. 2020

I don't have appreciating nature by default, I only used to think good inside about them in my mind but used to not really express. Because of a good church around 8 years back I have learnt to appreciate. It does really encourage people to do better and continue to do better . Recently I volunteered to take the role of organizing team activities for my team and in my team weekly touch base call I asked to say a word or 2 words of appreciation to at least 4 people in the team. We are of 15 member team. But everyone ended up appreciating everyone almost and all really enjoyed that activity and I felt that unity in tea…

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