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5 Ways A Planner Can Benefit Children

My previous post introduced a kids planner that I designed. The intent is to get children interested in learning to write their intentions for the day. Thus, slowly and steadily inching them towards being responsible about their duty.

If you are still wondering whether a planner is a good investment, here are 5 ways children benefit from using a planner.

  1. Having a planner creates an interest in a child to design their version of the day or month. They learn to organize their thoughts.

  2. A planner helps a child prepare a schedule for their chores and responsibilities and keep track of deadlines and upcoming events. Children like predictability and a planner helps them focus on things that need-to-be-done without being clueless and later yelled over.

  3. Students with special needs at learning may have difficulty with planning skills. Using a planner comes to the rescue. It takes a lot off the mind and keeps away the fear of forgetting things.

  4. Children learn to connect activities with time. They relate the need to get specific work done at/after/before a particular portion of the day. e.g. watering plants can't be left for late evening hours, keeping out garbage before the garbage truck arrives etc.

  5. Maintaining a planner is all about practice. The more a child practices to write down and plan things, the more confident they would be. And the more prepared they will be for success. They learn about achievement and the consequences of missing items.

As a caretaker, guardian, parent or teacher, our role is to be with them in the planning process. It's not about 'Go figure it out'. But it's about 'Let's do this together'.

All important work takes time. Our children won't turn into planning experts overnight. But the process to get there begins.

We can be their coach as they embark on this journey.

A handy tip:

Set an example. You should maintain a planner too and your child will be more than encouraged to follow your lead on this one.

If you are looking for a planner that will help you get into a habit of writing down your intentions, check the bookshelf for more designs.

You can buy them at Amazon, and

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