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Your Guide for Kids Planner

Turn each page into an art with this color-in planner.

What's Inside the Kids Planner

  • All about me

  • Art pages

  • Monthly Calendar with goals, important notes, dates to remember

  • Week checklist with important dates, goals for the week, habit tracker 

  • Reading log

  • Media log

  • Daily schedule

  • Assessment schedule

  • Note making pages

  • Really cool stickers

  • Colorful bookmark

The Kids Planner is designed to help organize your school year and keep records of your work. Using it will help you learn to work independently through responsibilities and accountability

  • Grab a planner for each child before the year begins.

  • Complete the planning sections - month calendar, goal setting for the month, marking important dates, writing down habits to form. This will save a lot of time and worry later.

All about me

Style it the way you want

Fill this page to create lasting memory each year! You can use the fun stickers to decorate your planner. Use the bookmark to help you keep your place. 

So go and grab those crayons and pencil colors.. (I highly recommend using pencil colors / crayons so they don't bleed.)

Cool ideas:

  • Draw and color a picture of you.

  • You can also glue a picture.

  • Add accessories to your artwork by drawing hearts around it, hanging pots,  fireworks, or dinos.

  • Show it to your friends and family.

Art pages

There are plenty of art pages for you to use. Every page in the planner is for you to color-in! Isn't that great?

Carefully color inside the elements to bring it to life.

Cool ideas:

Share a picture of your coloring with your loved ones.

Calendar month

  • You will find 12 such month pages inside the planner. The planer is undated so you can start any time of the year. However, for better planning it is good to use the calendar section at the start of each month. to plan habits, goals, activities and mark important dates.

  • You can fill in the small white boxes with day numbers. There are 6 rows of weeks and each week starts with Monday and goes all the way till Sunday.

Goals for the month

  • Start by categorizing your to-dos. Look at things you need to do this month.

  • Identify your hard deadlines. They are deadlines you cannot miss since they impact others. e.g assignment due date, submissions, doctor appointment, examinations, b'day party, and much more


Important notes:

  • These can be your soft deadlines. i.e. you have something in mind to do but don't have a specific date and plan.

  • Don't miss writing these as they may turn into great ideas or inventions sooner.

Dates to remember

  • Special / Important days & events. e.g. birthdates, special/fun days, visits, holidays, and more

Week entry

You have 5 week sheets for each month
Each week, use the Weekly checklist pages to manage subjects, track habits, record important events and evaluate progress

Important Dates: 

You can refer the important dates you noted for the month. That will help you know what is coming up. There will also be something new that must have come up during the past week. Make an entry.

Goals for the week:
Identify items you need to do for the week. You can refer the goals you noted for the month. That will help you narrow down on what you need to do and what is coming up.

Habit Tracker

  • Use this space to track the habits you want to develop of get rid off.

  • Conquer your habit and color the letter each day, if you have done it. Else leave the letters unfilled.

  • Enjoy the journey and don't feel guilty about missing few days.



  • The weekly planner starts on Monday. This is where you break down your day's activities/ to-dos into smaller segments.

  • The large sized cells lets little hands write comfortably. 

  • You can choose to assign time to each task/activity or leave it independent of a time. Ensure you write down everything.

  • The column marked with star can be used to identify if you need to review / revisit a particular item. 

Log sheets

Reading Log & Media Log

​Montior your reading and viewing achievements throughout the year. 

  • Reading for 15 mins daily is a good habit to maintain. Keep track of all the books, files, etc you read. Record the name of the author and other details about the title.

  • Media log is where you will record all the media that you use. Make a note of the movie you watched, an educational website, or an audio book you listened to .

  • Color the number of stars based on the rating you decide.

 Cool idea:

  • Any title/ media that gets 5 colored stars is worth suggesting it to your friends and family. 

  • Be the book / media critic.


Daily schedule

This is where you enter your regular routine from Monday to Saturday. Here you can make an entry of all the after-school activities that you have too. It's a one place view of your day.


Assessment schedule

Record your grades and track of all the upcoming assessment for the entire year. This is a cool way to review your work at the end of the year.


  • The planner comes with few note making pages at the end.

  • You can use it to make doodles or jot down important ideas. 

  • Or you can also keep a track of your field trip here and note/ draw what you learned.


  • The fun sticker sheets at the end of the planner is a cool way to decorate your planner. There are 35 stickers for achievements and 35 stickers for special days.

  • Use them on any pages, device or books.

Click the video to learn tips on how to use our Kids Planner

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