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Introducing the Pursuit planner.

This planner is an aid to help you pursue God right where you are. It was inspired by the need to make everyday matter. 

It comes in an attractive wire-o binding option that allows you to open the planner flat on a desk or table and offers 360-degree rotation for easy note-taking. 

The planner is available in a size of 7x10 inches. 

The softcover that is anti-tear makes your planner last longer. 

Say goodbye to bruised covers. You can confidently carry this in your backpack, satchel, or handbag. 

This daily planner is undated. 

Yes, you heard it right. This undated daily planner lets you start any time of the year.

There are pages covering 52 weeks to list your daily tasks, weekly goals, and habit trackers, along with plenty of note-taking pages for scribbles and doodles. In addition, each week opens up with a prayer for your workday. Praying and committing your workday to our Heavenly Father opens opportunities to minister and serve others in need.

The lay-flat option gives you a single view of the week - your to-dos, goals & habits.

This planner also comes with an attractive bookmark attached to a chain. 

It's not just for marking your page but doubles up as a prayerful dialogue too.

Right at the end of this planner is a resource that shows 31 ways you can pursue God at your workplace. 

If you are using a planner for the first time, I understand it can be intimidating. Therefore, I have simplified the process by providing a helpful resource inside the planner to guide you through.

Summary of features:

  • Size: 7x10 inches

  • Wire-O binding

  • Anti-tear colored cover pages

  • 52 weeks to list your daily tasks, 

  • Track weekly goals and habits,

  • Plenty of note-taking pages for scribbles and doodles

  • Additional resource on - 31 ways you can pursue God at your workplace. 



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Book Format

Softcover, Wire-o