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I Can & I Will (in color)

"God's love for me is fantastic.

I can trust Him and not be worrying.

I will lean on Him when things are disturbing.

God's love for me is fantastic.

I can believe His words are true.

I will let Him shine through."

~ ©Tabitha Reji

If you are looking for a planner that can inspire and motivate a child, then this specially designed 12-month 'kids' planner is for you. 

The planner includes 15 coloring pages and fun ways to track daily habit. 

It is a great gift for your child. 

Use it daily and frequently. It will help set a routine and equip them to make progress.

This planner comes in color.

Who can use this: 

It's for every parent who wants to set a routine for their child and help them stay motivated to make progress. 

It's for every child who is learning to be independent and wants to stay in control of things.

It's a great tool to assist children with special needs.

Discover Inside: 

  • Undated planning pages, with focus on monthly, weekly and daily planning. 

  • Planning pages for 12 months, each month includes five-week planning sheets. It will let you organize all your appointments and events.

  • Monthly planning pages have space for monthly goals, dates to remember and checkboxes for essential notes. 

  • Weekly planning pages help you log daily activities, track goals for the week and habits in an impressive way. 

  • This planner also includes fifteen colouring pages with encouraging reflections.

Additional pages to capture:

  • Books to read.

  • Reading Nook.

  • Learning goals.

  • Timetable.

  • Assessment Schedules.

  • Notes.



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Book Format



978-1639205196, 978-9354732492

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