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2Miles Homeschool Planner

The 2Miles Homeschool Planner is the complete planner, journal, and record keeper you need to take your homeschool life an extra mile in the new academic year!

The planner is designed for Christian homeschooling educators to dig into God's word as a family and place God first. 

There are two editions to choose from.

You can choose one that's appropriate for you and start any time during the year with no wasted space!

Homeschool planner for 8 students 

Homeschool planner for 4 students

What’s inside the homeschool planner?

  • Homeschool planner for 8 students has 368 monochrome pages (184 pages printed double-sided )

  • Homeschool planner for 4 students has 216 monochrome pages (108 pages printed double-sided )

  • Vision statement

  • Daily schedule for each child

Customizable undated 12-month calendars: 

  • Spiritual disciple pages, 

  • Learning goal tracker, 

  • A glimpse into your month

Record pages for each child:

  • About your child

  • Reading loga

  • Habit Tracker

  • Grade 

  • Attendance & Extra activities

  • Field trip log


  • Budgeting

  • Note making pages

  • Really cool stickers

  • Colorful bookmark

Additional information:

Place an order via WhatsApp. 

You will receive the coil bound version, 1 book mark and 2 sticker pages included inside the planner. Shipping charges are additional.

The 2Miles Homeschool Planner has a guide page that links to tutorials (articles and videos) on how to use the planner effectively. These resources are filled with tips and strategies to maximize your time, set achievable goals, organize and record your homeschool life better, grow in the Lord, and more.

Grab your planner today and start living the homeschool day you dream of!



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Book Format

Coil bound



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