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Glad you stopped by.

At 2MileToolkit, I write about a topic close to my heart - Work.

I am an Indie author, professional IT Consultant and Early Childhood Educator.
The posts carry my personal experience of working in these different domains, along with raising two kids.

Like most WFH and telecommuting experiences, I have been through my share of dropped connection, dreadfully slow network, lack of charging points, noisy background and a pain in the neck 😂.

All along, I have picked up the understanding that work and life happen together. They are on the same side of the same coin. Closely knit; an extension of our personality.

Albeit, in current modern times, we have built a giant separation between both.

We function amusingly different while at work and while at home. Almost as if there are two sets of personality trapped inside of us.

My 'Aha!' moment was at knowing - The way we are, affects our work and people around us.

And that's when I discerned there's a purpose for us to be in the market place.

Some of us work for a living while others do it as a generous act of their faith. Some of you may be applying towards being a professional one day or holding the fort at home. Whatever be your reason, Jesus places a super strong emphasis on 'How we need to work'.

When that made sense to me, it was all the more clear that Jesus is interested in what I did.

His interest in our work is not limited to 'what we do?', but spans out towards 'how we do it?'

Whether you are a stay at home dad/mom, an influencer or a janitor;
He wants us to 'thrive' and not just survive. He extends a partnership hand. Unlike business laws of WIN-WIN, here He's reaching out for our WIN.

It's a lifetime, all-inclusive, undisputed offer - to be our mentor, buddy and much more 24x7.
That's a massive gain! So, why hesitate?
Just grab His hand and be led.

It's so like God to think about our wellbeing all the time; even when we think He shouldn't be bothered with our pickles. Stories and experiences are worth sharing. That's how the blog and bookshelf came into existence in this website called 2Mile Toolkit.

I hope the posts you read will give you a progressive looking glass towards work & kick in a workstyle that continually reminds you - "Each day is God's gift, and how we use it is our gift to God."

It will be encouraging to hear from you once in a while. So do leave a comment or response at the end of the posts and I shall reply. If you find the posts helpful, please be generous in spreading.

Here's a prayer for you - May God strengthen you to stay focused and deliver impressive results at work. May He give you a fresh enthusiasm daily to do the job in hand. In Jesus Christ's name, Amen!

Hope you can squeeze my pursuit in your prayers.

Writing to Serve,


Tabitha Reji

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